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The most effective way to ensure a prosperous future for Yellowstone County is by volunteering and helping elect Republicans. We need your help in the fight to ensure we have Republicans elected to not just Congress but to our city council, school board, and other local, & state offices. By filling out the form below, you are taking the first step on the road to brighter future for all in our community.


Volunteer Precinct captains are the most important position in the Republican Party.  Elections, particularly in Montana, are won at the grassroots, door-to-door level.  Precinct captains are the face of the Party to friends and neighbors, and the essential component of conservative victories on Election Day.

In Montana, we elect two precinct captains – one of each gender – from every precinct in the county. In Yellowstone County, we have 45 precincts and, therefore, 90 precinct captains.


To be a precinct captain, you must be a resident of the state of Montana and live in the precinct in which you desire to be elected.

Precinct captain appear on the ballot every two years, during the primary election.  In the event of a vacancy, the Executive Board of the county party may appoint a person to the position.  The Yellowstone County Republican Party has an application process for vacancies.




  1. Promote the Republican Party and Republican Candidates in your precinct
  2. Assist the Central Committee in recruiting Precinct volunteer workers, including organizing volunteers in your precinct.
  3. Work with the Party’s Leadership to train volunteer workers on implementation of the Party’s Precinct programs and campaign activities.
  4. Participate in Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) activities, including literature drops, door knocking, phone banking, and hosting meet-and-greet events with your neighbors.
  5. Coordinate and supervise precinct volunteer workers during the General election campaign.
  6. Serve as Election Judge or alternate Election Judge for Elections.
  7. Support the General election Republican ticket.
  8. Regularly attend meetings of the County Central Committee.
  9. Get to know your neighbors in your precinct — never underestimate the importance of casual conversations about local issues!


Precinct Chairs regularly do not accomplish all these ways to help. Everyone has the choice of their level of volunteerism. Please remember….Precinct Chairs are an officially elected position, as directed by Montana State Law.  Persons interested in filling the spots should consider carefully their willingness to fulfill the duties of the position.  If you are interested in becoming a precinct captain, please contact the Central Committee.

Volunteers are the heart of the Republican Party! Thank you for your participation!

Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee
PO Box 724
Billings, MT  59103
Michael Scheppele, Treasurer 
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