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If you're concerned about the stuff you've been hearing about Tim Sheehy, remember, the Democrats know only too well what Tim represents to Republicans. They are doing their level best to assassinate his character. Don't buy the lies!  Consider the following:

Balance of Power

·      Control of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance this November with Democrats currently controlling the chamber 51-49.

·      With the retirement of Sen. Joe Manchin, West Virginia will be an easy pick-up opportunity for Republicans, bringing the chamber to 50-50.

·      Montana is the Democrats’ firewall to maintain the Senate majority and the Republicans’ key to taking the Senate majority.

State of the Race

·      This race is projected to be the most expensive per vote in U.S. history.

·      Tester and his allies are already spending around $2 million per week to attack Tim.

·      Sheehy and Tester are statistically tied in the polls.

·      President Trump is polling over 20% ahead of President Biden in Montana, meaning there are Trump voters who are currently undecided on Tim or supporting Tester.

National Implications

·      2024 is Republicans’ last opportunity for the rest of the decade to retake the Senate.

·      In 2026 and 2028, Republicans will be on defense with 20 and 19 Senators up for reelection and no clear pick-up opportunities.

·      Montana is a prime pick-up opportunity for Republicans in 2024 and it’s the key battleground state for taking back control of the U.S. Senate.

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